The Cincinnati Bengals have been the worst team in football as the season begins. They have lost two straight games and scored no touchdowns. Andy Dalton looks as bad as you can possibly look, and the Bengals have fired offensive staff to stem the tide.

The team is hoping that they can give Marvin Lewis one more chance, but that is not the story of this article. The story of this article is why they did not just fire everyone right now. Let us assume that you are completely done with Marvin Lewis. Let us assume that you as the owner of the Bengals are fed up with this.

You tried to be consistent like the Steelers, but Marvin Lewis has not even won a playoff game. You do not give him another chance, and this is why.

Andy Dalton's contract

This writer would not cut Andy Dalton, but it is clear that the Bengals are poised to cut Dalton and move on with their lives. It would take a miracle to save Lewis' job, and that means they should just fire him right now. Let someone step up and see if they can give you something magical. Assume that the season is lost, and let it go.

They clearly are ready to rebuild. New quarterback, they want to keep Vontaze Burfict, and the Bengals can bring in a coaching staff to fix the rest of their problems. They will not compete in their division this year so it is time to move on.

Andy Dalton's contract makes that possible.

It has been long enough

The Bengals have been consistent in their approach, but Marvin Lewis has not won a playoff game. They thought that being like the Steelers would breed success, but the team has not always made the best personnel decisions. A team like the Bengals tried to emulate their big brother in Pittsburgh, but it did not work.

It makes more sense to move on and try something else.

If the Bengals have seen enough from Marvin Lewis, they need to buy him out, fire him, and get over it. Take that high draft pick and draft a new passer. It would be a fast way to rebuild the team because they literally only have two problems: coach and quarterback.

Will Marvin last through the season?

This writer believes that Marvin Lewis will get fired when the Bengals come to their senses and just fire him because they do not want to waste time. It makes more sense for them to let him go so that they can move on. However, they will wait, hear the public backlash, and finally fire him after a few more games. The Cincinnati Bengals are in the dumps, and they are so stuck in their ways that they cannot pull the trigger on firing their coach even though they seem ready to cut their quarterback.