Sam Bradford appears to be the future quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. He looks like a guy they could throw a lot of money at in the very near future, and he could lead them to the playoffs this season. Bradford snatched the starting job away from Teddy Bridgewater, and he should be applauded for the way he has played for a little more than a season. However, his knee has always been a bit of an issue. The Vikings are merely being careful with him when they express concern about the knee, and it is a smart business decision to pay for that glittering new offensive line.

The line helps

Bradford has a lot of time to think when he is in the pocket, and the offensive line that was created in Minnesota was built because they knew that they either had to protect Teddy Bridgewater or the next person they found to be their starter. They found Sam Bradford, he set the completion percentage record last season, and they decided that they want to keep him. He looks poised to be their starter for many years to come, and Teddy Bridgewater could become a trade piece for the Vikings front office. Bridgewater could fetch something that would be useful to the team, and they will lift the terrible weight of Bridgewater's success, injuries, and lingering questions about his status.

Would you bring Teddy Bridgewater back after you saw such success from Bradford? No, you would not.

The Vikings are going places

If the Packers lose to Atlanta, the Vikings are in a much better position in their division. This team will look strong, and the Packers will look weak. That is an amazing place to be if you are the Vikings, and it provides the team with a lot of confidence because it is clear that whatever they did is working.

Maybe they will trade Bridgewater for another receiver? Maybe they will draft nothing but defense in the next draft? How good could they be if they had one more year to develop this seemingly brilliant plan? I think this team would be unreal.

They should aim high

The NFL looks completely unpredictable right now, and the Vikings could easily win a playoff game or more.

The Giants surprised us like that twice in the last ten years, and the Vikings could grow during the season without being the most popular team in the league. They would surprise us because we are in love with the Packers, and we would be wrong. Sam Bradford is a little injury prone, and the Vikings are merely being careful because they see his potential.