David Johnson is the featured back for the Arizona Cardinals, and he has dislocated his wrist. The Cardinals think that he will not be back for a couple weeks, and we should wonder what will happen in the meantime. Do the Cardinals change their offense completely, or do they wait around for him to get back? There are two ways that the Cardinals can do this. They can wait for Johnson and pray for the best, or they can start throwing to larry fitzgerald on every play. This writer would choose to start throwing to Fitzgerald with very good reason, and I would be very excited for the David Johnson to come back when he is better.

They need to wait to let him come back because he is very valuable for their future.

They cannot wait

Throw to Larry Fitzgerald on every play to stretch defenses. Let us give Larry a 2500 yard season because he becomes the focus of the offense, and wait for Johnson to come back. Imagine how scary it would be to be an opposing team if you saw David Johnson come back while you already knew that Larry Fitzgerald was going to catch for 200 yards against you. This would be amazing, and it would be much better for their offense. There are many people who would do this because it helps the Cardinals keep Carson Palmer upright. They can use quick release patterns to get the ball out of his hands, and it will be easier for the Cardinals to move the ball.

David Johnson comes back fast

You can rush David Johnson back because you want him to be running the ball, and you will find that you have a lot of options because Johnson is running and catching. He can break plays, and he can wear a brace or a cast on his hand to protect himself. It makes much more sense for him to come back if you are not convinced that you will be able to throw the ball enough.

It is far simpler for the Cardinals to do this because they already have this guy ready to go. We know that David Johnson is brilliant, and they can run him down everyone's throat.

The offense needs to come back fast

The Cardinals have to pick up as fast as possible because the Seahawks will figure it out, the Rams will get much better, and the 49ers are just sitting over there hoping to sign Kirk Cousins.

The Cardinals only have one team that they can beat two times this year, and they need to get back to it before things start to spiral out of control. It would make much more sense for the Cardinals to be careful with themselves going forward because they need to make a deep playoff run.