The Cleveland Browns will not have a stellar season this year as anyone could tell simply looking at how they are constructed, but they have a plan to lag behind their division while they figure out what they have. They have four components they must be very careful with going forward, and each of those components will make quite a difference as they try to build a team that can compete in the AFC North for the future. They are more than good enough to remain above the very bottom of the NFL, but they must make many mistakes as they learn how to manage this new roster.

Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas must be given every chance to teach and train this new offense, and he must be held up as the leader of the team until they find their quarterback of the future. Thomas must be allowed to train that quarterback as much as he wants, and they must have a solid partnership that can be used to help close out Thomas's career well. He can play for as long as he wants, and he should be given a guarantee that he will retire a Brown when he is ready.

Hue Jackson

Jackson has been given a five-year promise that he may use to build this team. He now has a couple of years to figure out how he can use Deshone Kizer in an offense that should be built around the young quarterback. They have made a clear choice in the selection of Kizer to start, and he should be given the assurance that the team will function as a talent pool to surround him with help.

They may grow an incredible offense if Jackson is given every year of his promise to make it happen.

DeShone Kizer

DeShone Kizer must not be killed behind the line of scrimmage this season. The team must do everything that it can do to keep him upright as they play, and they must ensure that they have taken every step to bolster the line with blocking tight ends, improved play calling, and an offense that forces him to get rid of the ball quickly.

Protecting Kizer is a priority that the team must have, and they will find that it is much easier to plan for the future if Kizer is not hit much.

Play hard

We need to see the Browns play as hard as possible this season, and the team should show us as football fans that they are ready to be competitive. They will go 5-11 or 4-12, and they must ensure that they are not concerned with their record. I would expect them to be better next season and even better the next one after that. The Browns are an incredible young team that can make moves to compete in the Afc North in the very near future.