President Donald Trump has made it clear that he disagrees with almost all of the moves former President Barack Obama made while he was in office. The latest move to erase Obama's legacy comes in the form of a immigration law that could soon be revoked.

Fox News on DACA

During the eight years that Barack Obama was in office, he did whatever he could to make progress when it comes to his vision for the country. As the then leader of the Democratic Party, Obama was forced to work with a Congress controlled by Republicans for the majority of his time in office.

However, he did put in place what is known as Daca, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA allows children who were brought to the United States illegally the opportunity to stay and obtain work, education, or serve in the military. The program has been supported by the majority of the American people but is now on the chopping block for the Donald Trump administration. This issue was discussed during a segment on the September 1 edition of "Fox & Friends" on Fox News.

(Rivera's remarks about DACA start at 9:00 in the above video)

Joining the crew of "Fox & Friends" was fellow part-time host and network contributor Geraldo Rivera. Rivera has been critical of Trump when compared to other hosts on the channel, but has typically thrown his support to the commander in chief, calling him a "friend." However, when the issue of DACA was brought up, Rivera ripped into Trump and warned about the future of his legacy.

"If he were to end the DREAM ACT, these are youngster who came here through no fault of their own," Rivera said, "all of the false statements about the cruelty of Donald Trump will be true."

Geraldo Rivera then went on to explain that removing DACA would be cruel in the way it would target young children, speaking that a child at the age of two-years-old would feel the brunt of its removal.

After one of the co-host described the argument as simply "emotional" and not following the rule of law, Rivera fired back. "If the rule of law calls for cruelty against a two-year-old, screw the law!" Rivera said, before continuing to make his case for why DACA should remain on the books.

Moving forward

As the public awaits Donald Trump's final decision, the president did give a vague comment while speaking to the media at the White House on Friday.

When asked if "dreamers should be free," Trump replied, "We love dreamers. We love everybody." Elaborating further and the president said that an official announcement should be made over the weekend.