Ohio State coach Urban Meyer has come out against teams that break the rules, and he is clearly firing at Rick Pitino when he says that you should lose your job if you lie about the violations that you have had. That is very funny considering that Urban Meyer is not necessarily a loyal person, claimed he was too unwell to continue at Florida, and then magically popped up at Ohio State less than a year later. It is not as if Urban Meyer is as flawless as Jesus, but he wants you to believe that. The pathetic nature of his statements lies in his holier than thou stance.

Have you noticed that many of the great coaches in college football are not very nice guys?

They love to talk

The best coaches in the country love to talk or they love to cheat. Sometimes, they do both. Rick Pitino was very outspoken, but he also is in the middle of an FBI investigation. He is coach 2 in the official report. That is a really bad place to be, but he always had an opinion. Urban Meyer has never been caught doing anything unseemly, but that does not mean that he is a perfect person. He simply wants other people to be pushed out of the way so that he has more room to shine. He does not realize that people can succeed without taking away from his own popularity, and that is why he is a bully.

What should they say?

Some of these coaches think that they need to cheat in order to win. They think that they have to do something to get the talent on the field or the court, and they are willing to take those measures to keep their jobs. Usually, guys are not going to get very far unless they are willing to at least bend the rules.

Would Urban Meyer like them to come out and explain every violation they committed that week? You cannot expect these guys to put under that kind of strain and just openly talk about it. Some of them are probably so uncomfortable that they can hardly stand to even do these things in the first place, but they seem to be left with no choice.

I am not condoning the way this bribery scheme was run, but I am saying that some people think they are going to be out of the sport if they do not do something extreme.

How should Urban respond?

He should keep his mouth shut and coach his team. He has, at the very least, proven that he is not a very nice person. He is willing to call out his supposed friends in the media for fun, and he is willing to accuse people of being terrible human beings without looking in the mirror himself. Perhaps he should just coach and score against Clemson this year.