We are faced with three major questions as the Los Angeles Rams open their season. Can Todd Gurley rush for 1,500 yards or more? Can Jared Goff improve in a tangible manner? Is Sean McVay a viable fantasy coach? We must address each of these questions while watching the Rams this season. They may not be very good, but they have potential that we can play with as we consider the fantasy value of the team.

What about Tavon Austin?

Tavon Austin was not mentioned above because he only benefits if Jared Goff improves. You cannot, as a featured receiver, put up amazing numbers when your quarterback is not very good.

Tavon Austin is a fantastic player, but he must find have a partnership with Jared Goff that would make them both much better players. The trust that Goff puts in Austin will be rewarded with better stats for the season. Austin must justify the contract he has received, and Goff must prove that he can be trusted with a feature receiver.

No Aaron Donald

The loss of Aaron Donald to a hold out makes the Rams defense weaker. The offense will see the field less, and they will have fewer opportunities to score during the season. It is difficult to justify the Rams as an offensive threat if they cannot get on the field. If they were to turn the ball over at the same time, they would have so few possessions that Austin, Goff, and Gurley could not make that much of a difference.

Gurley is the workhorse

Todd Gurley provides a lot of fantasy value because he will prove to be the workhorse for this offense. Any plays that are used to extend the clock, protect Jared Goff, take pressure off Jared Goff, or gain short yardage will go through Gurley. Gurley could easily rush for 1500 yards this season if he stays healthy, and his presence could transform the Rams offense.

He has been great, but he must step up his leadership. Better leadership on the Rams offense will provide more confidence. Confident players tend to play well, and they tend to compile stats that are exciting for fantasy players.

Stats without wins

The Rams are more than capable of compiling stats that will not result in wins.

There are players throughout the history of the NFL who have had amazing stats without winning much. Calvin Johnson looked like Jerry Rice in Detroit, but his team did not win much. Dan Fouts never won a Super Bowl, and Drew Brees has been struggling to win in New Orleans though he is a brilliant player. Do not expect wins from the Rams. Expect the Rams to compile stats that help your fantasy team.