Defenses in the NFL are often surprising because they are not as statistically beautiful to look at as offenses. We marvel at touchdowns, rushing yards, receiving yards, and passing yards. We salivate over how well the offense has played, and the sport has created more offense every year over the past few years. Defenses do not have stats that are easy to read, and they do not look as pretty when you watch them. Choosing value on Defense requires a bit of faith.

Defenses are not consistent

The Tampa defense of the early 2000s, along with the opposing Ravens defense, are the only defenses we can point to in the last 25 years that were truly consistent.

The Chicago Bears come to mind before that, the Steel Curtain before that, and you may add the Purple People Eaters of the old Vikings. In the modern NFL, defenses shift all the time. The Falcons could be amazing this year, but we do not know yet. The Giants have spent a ton of money on their defense, and the Chiefs have built up a lovely defense to protect their mediocre offense. Any of these defenses could change in a moment, and we never know when that will happen.

If Donald came back

If Aaron Donald came back to the Rams, he may have anchored one of the best defenses in the NFL. They would have been a good Fantasy choice if you were drafting them late, but Donald is holding out. Vontaze Burfict is suspended, but the Bengals' defense will improve the moment he returns, and the Seahawks defense should be wonderful considering that they have so much returning talent.

You have a few good choices, but the team you are overlooking may be the Texans.

The Texans are the top contender

JJ Watt leads a defense in Houston that is responsible for getting Deshaun Watson back on the field as often as possible. He is the true MVP of that team, and he could be considered the MVP of the NFL. Using the Texans on a fantasy team would provide consistency, and you may see them give you the best stats in the league.

We often do not look at defensive stats, and we forget how good certain teams were. This Texans' defense could be the class of the NFL this season.


The Dallas defense has needed a lot of work over the past few years, but they are clearly on the rise because Stephen and Jerry Jones have begun to draft and sign better talent.

The measured approach that Jerry uses to manage personnel, along with his son, makes the Cowboys much better on defense. They could surprise you because the offense will keep them off the field, and you can switch between any of these defenses at any time.