Trades in the NFL are rising, and we have to ask ourselves why that is. There was a time when there would be just a couple trades at the Trade deadline, and now we have teams making trades all throughout the preseason. I think that many teams are hoping to be more productive with incumbent players, and I believe that that is why the teams are trading more. You are better off with what you know.

Trade for guys you know

Teams are often trading for guys that they know, and they are trading based on the tape that they are watching before they make the trade.

I can imagine guys watching tape just after a phone call to confirm that they want someone. They call back knowing what they will get, and they can make the deal. I think there is some comfort in that when you are trying to make deals to keep your job as a GM. I would be afraid of losing my job based on bad contracts, and that would be a reason to avoid them. Now, you can make a safe choice when you make a trade, and you can do so based on players that you already know.

College players have tape

College players have tape that can be used to evaluate them, but their tape is of play against college players. Professional players play a much faster game, and they will hit much harder. It is hard to make proper determinations if you are watching college tape, and you will find that some players do not translate to the NFL.

A player who is in the NFL now is at least playing NFL talent when they are on the tape. I would go for current players, and I would assume that they could fit in faster after I made the trade.

They see MLB and NBA teams succeed at trading

There are many trades made every year in the NBA and MLB that are very good for both teams.

They are trying to find as much value as possible in each trade, and they will find value because they are serving another team with the trade. NFL teams are so isolated and secretive that they often do not want to help another team, and now they are overlooking that secrecy and isolation in favor of doing what is right for their team no matter who the trade is with.

They need help now

Trading for guys that you know allows them to come on the roster and play for you right away. You are not developing this player, and you are not waiting for them to get it together. You are allowing this player to make an impact today, and you can see the results of your trade just after the trade has been done. I would trade more for players I know just as teams are doing today.