These days, it's rare to meet someone who'll stick by your side. With the advent of technology and social media, gone are the love letters and little surprises. Though these are old-fashioned and forgotten, these were important aspects in dating.

With the growing number of dating platforms emerging every year, it gets challenging for people to be sincere and genuine in the dating game. You can't really establish a "real" connection with anyone. If ever you do, it doesn't last long as it fades out faster than expected.

This leads us to an endless adventure in finding the right one.

No matter where your decisions would lead, human as you are, you're still yearning for that strong Relationship with another person even if it gets difficult. Now, this brings us to the question: how will you know if the person is someone who's willing to Commit? How will you gauge his or her character? talks about the Signs if a person is ready to commit to the relationship. Watch out for these behaviors as these indicate he or she is in it for the long haul.

She's been with you for the longest time

Loyalty is important in every relationship, and if your girl's been with you for the longest time, that may mean she's never going to leave your side. That proves that she's willing to stay in the relationship and work it out.

Being human, we love the idea of familiarity, and that's what makes us feel like we're in our comfort zones.

He shows genuine effort

He is consistent when he shows you he loves you. He exerts so much effort in doing little things - making you smile, buying your favorite ice cream, and surprising you with his home-cooked dinner.

He wants to make you happy. He also wants to show the world that he's happy because of you.

Your family and friends love her

She gets along with your mom so well that they spend time together. Sometimes, they even forget to invite you. Your sister always nags you to let your girl come over for dinner. When you go out with your friends, they always ask you how she's doing or why you didn't bring her.

He talks to you about everything

You're the only one who knows about his secrets, thoughts, and feelings. He discusses the most important things like his career choice, his dreams, and his goals in life. If he includes you in any of these discussions, that may mean he's really serious, and he thinks you belong in his future.

These aren't official signs, but these can definitely help you check if he or she's willing to be in your relationship for good.