Climate change may be one of the largest topics in the world today in terms of the amount of prominence in all parts of society. It is also one of the most controversial subjects. Debates over the whether or not the current changes in Earth’s climate is the fault of humans or simply a phase are present between citizens and between countries alike. A popular argument posed by global warming deniers is that of suggesting that scientists are simply cooperating in order to create the supposed lie. Deniers seem to believe there is a conspiracy among the scientists that are warning the world of our wasteful habits, much to the chagrin of scientists.

Among those scientists who are frustrated with the mentality taken by those who refuse to heed the warning given by scientists is Neil deGrasse Tyson, famous astrophysicist. He does not understand a large amount of distrust so many have regarding this specific issue, especially when many who deny the phenomenon of global warming will be accepting of other scientifically proven circumstances.

Taking to Twitter

Recently, Tyson voiced his frustration on #Twitter with a statement saying, “Anyone who thinks scientists like agreeing with one another has never attended a scientific conference.”

Targeting his attention to those who hold the belief of a conspiracy between scientists to create fear in the general public, the astrophysicist is clearly angry at the idea.

Of course, these scientific conferences — referenced by Neil Degrasse Tyson in his tweet — are called in order for scientists to interact as a way of bringing the scientific community together. However, equating these conferences as a complete and perfect cooperation would be a mistake. The essence of science is disagreement as a method of progressing ideas.

Nothing was ever discovered without doubt or, at sometimes, a bit of misdirection.

Skeptics believe only what is convenient

Adding to Tyson’s frustration is the tendency for global warming skeptics and deniers to trust scientists on matters which are not so politically involved. In an earlier tweet, Tyson used the example of the recent total solar eclipse to bring up the subject of Global Climate Change.

The point he tried to make was that of scientific prediction; if the general public was able to trust scientists prediction of the upcoming eclipse, then the distrust found in other scientific subjects is unwarranted.

Clearly, the astrophysicist is attempting to draw attention toward the conflict of global warming. Perhaps his timing is perfect considering the natural disasters impacting the United States at the moment. Seizing this opportunity may convince deniers that the climate is truly being affected by humanity’s wasteful habits.

Regardless of the effect these comments by Neil deGrasse Tyson are having, he continues to support his fellow scientists at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) and their data-supported studies. In a blunt comment made by the Columbia University graduate, “They know wtf they’re doing.”