Most relationships start in a happy cycle. You met whom you thought was the love of your life. You had the best moments together and you were happy. You were good and satisfied with your Relationship and you enjoyed the first part of it. But after a couple of months (even years), it all turned sour. What happened?

Though you didn't expect this, problems are bound to arise after some time. These challenges even make you stronger as a couple. The trick is to know how to approach these with caution and that's how most couples survive their first few years together.

However, there are those problems and circumstances in the relationship that just do further damage. Even if you exert effort or the other party does, it wouldn't change a thing. The heavy feeling lingers and it's so frustrating, you just want to break it off.

This situation goes to show that these problems exist because of certain reasons. You both need to learn how to address these issues and compromise. What happens though if it doesn't really work out? Before that, try to identify first if it's something fixable or not.

If it can't be fixed, here are the Signs you need to check.

Fighting about it all the time

You two feel drained after every conversation. You seem to be out of solutions already and you end up fighting with your partner.

What's even worse is that this turned into a daily routine. It's not something that the both of you can get over easily as it comes up in every little argument.

You don't 'talk' anymore

The connection that you felt within the first few months of being together disappeared. It feels like there's a void that cannot be filled. It's sad to think something that was so special before no longer exists.

Conversations got shorter, and both lose interest in the discussion. The problem's still unsolved.

No one's willing to compromise

You don't want to listen to each other. You find it even more difficult to give way to your partner. It's just not working anymore. You don't care as much, especially about its effect on your relationship and the turmoil it causes.

You can't identify what you or the other person feels

You used to be able to look each other in the eyes and laugh for no reason. All it took was one glance for you to know what he's thinking. That's not the case anymore.

Though these are just some of the signs to watch out for, it's still up to you to decide whether it's time to let go or give your relationship a shot.