The Boston Red Sox have been caught stealing signs in a massive formal complaint from the Yankees. They believe that they have caught the Red Sox using an Apple Watch to relay signs to players on the field. This is not a story about cheating. This is a story about how you cannot complain when you get caught, why this is different from Spy Gate, and why the Red Sox are totally foolish. They should have known better, and it is pathetic that they have stooped to this level.

Everyone steals signs

Baseball players steal signs all the time. Teams are tasked with ensuring that they can hide their signs, and they should ensure that they have come up with a system that someone cannot crack.

You are a century-old baseball team that has been prominent in the sport from the very beginning. The best player in the history of the game played for your franchise once, and you need to be much more subtle about stealing signs from the Yankees.

If it was anyone else

If it were anyone else, the Yankees probably would have let it go. They might have overlooked it because they do not hate the rest of the league as much as they hate the Sox. These people are so invested in their hatred of the Red Sox that they likely noticed earlier because they do not trust the Red Sox at all. The Red Sox got caught red-handed because they were not very careful, and they deserve to be punished.

This is not Spy Gate

Please remember that the Patriots were taping practices and walkthroughs that no one should have to think that they should hide. You cannot conceal a practice unless you have a cloaking device that you got from the Romulus on "Star Trek." The Patriots knew that they were doing something that most teams would not dare do, and they went to great lengths to cover it up.

No one is hiding the fact that baseball teams steal signs, and you have to be careful when you decide to steal signs from your arch nemesis.

Good luck this postseason

The Red Sox will spend the rest of this season and postseason answering questions about the signs they stole. Every team in the league could come out and lodge a complaint about this if they think that they found something wrong with the way that the Sox played them.

Boston has opened itself up to a level of scrutiny that they do not need. They were competing for a title until this happened because the distraction and the pressure will likely force them to crumble. The Red Sox got caught being stupid more than they got caught cheating.