Jay Cutler and the Dolphins will take on The Saints this weekend, and we will find out how good Cutler can look against a bad defense. The Saints are just not good, and they will allow Cutler to slice them up when he takes the field. No one expects Cutler to win the MVP, but he has looked good in his first couple games this season. There are a number of things that the Dolphins can test in this game, and they can start to open up their offense a little bit to see if they can create some future potential.

Cutler is alright

No one will hold up the banner for Cutler to be the MVP or even win offensive player of the week.

His job in Miami is to be pretty good, and he has proven to be pretty good. This is perhaps the first time that Cutler has actually delivered on expectations, and that is why the Dolphins need to decide what they want to do in the future. They can start to fiddle with their offense and see if anything good happens. The team could turn out to be so good that they want to keep him on the team for a couple more years, and that could leave Ryan Tannehill without a job.

The Dolphins have a plan

The Dolphins have a plan for the future if nothing else. You might not think it is a very good plan, but they have a plan. They have a plan that either gives them Ryan Tannehill back, they keep Cutler, or they draft someone better.

The Dolphins technically have more options than any other team in the league, and that must be a very good feeling. I think that the Dolphins have done an amazing job keeping their team flexible, and they have done all of this in the midst of a major hurricane and having to skip their first game of the season. We should commend the Dolphins for keeping it together.

Will he stay?

Cutler could end up staying in Miami next year just because they think he is the best option for the least money. They are paying him too much, but they might think that they are getting a bargain because he knows the offense, and the coach likes him. Cutler could rejuvenate his career, and he might feel like he has to take this chance now so that he can get all the football out of him because he will eventually go into broadcasting and sit in the booth.

This also gives him some time to watch Tony Romo be amazing at color analysis.

If you were Jay Cutler's wife, you would tell him to go out there and play while he still can. They were probably unhappy after things did not work out in Chicago. This is his last chance, and we cannot fault him for taking it.