The Atlanta Falcons will beat the Buffalo Bills this weekend, but we need to have a look at how the Bills will attempt to compete against the Falcons. We will see a glimpse of what the Falcons defense is really made of, and we will find out fairly quickly what needs to be changed. The Falcons have the best offense in football, but they will need to upgrade their defense a bit to avoid playing poorly in the fourth quarter.

The Bills are not terrible

The Bills are not a terrible team, and we will get a much better look at what the Falcons offense can do against a mediocre team.

We can count out week one because of rust. We can count out the Lions game because of the way it ended. We can count out the Packers game because they went into a prevent defense early. The Bills will not be able to keep up offensively, and we will see if the Falcons go into a prevent defense too early once more. If that is the case, they have a problem with their scheme that they have to fix. The Falcons could be exposed as a bad late game team, and you should be very nervous if you are a Falcons fan.

The Bills defense

The Bills have a lot of holes to fill, and they need to decide which holes they will fill first. If they get kicked all over the turf for the balance of this game, they might need to re-sign Tyrod Taylor so they can start looking for better defensive players.

If they can hold up as a defensive unit, they will have a better chance of changing their offense. Team like this have to be very careful when they start making changes to the roster, and this team should only make changes that are influenced by performance. They would be very unwise to start changing things if their defense is not good enough to compete in their own division.

The Falcons play just as well as the Patriots, and that makes them a good test for the Bills.

How can they win?

The Bills might win this game if the Falcons allow them to get back in the late. That is something that the Falcons seem to like to do because they keep giving up big leads. They are winning these games, but they are playing very badly near the ends of games.

That goes for the offense and the defense, and the Bills could gain a lot of confidence just from beating a good team. The Bills could glide into week five thinking that they can beat anyone. That might not be true, but they would have a nice ego boost.

The AFC East is a hard division because the Patriots are in it. The Bills have to prepare for the future where the Jets and Dolphins will be better, Tom Brady will be gone, and they might still have Tyrod Taylor.