Adam Silver is by far and away the best commissioner in professional sports. He has responded to everything with the grace and dignity that we would expect from a President. He is far more dignified than the person who is currently the President of the United States, and he is making moves that will make his league a lot better because of the factor that they have to do something that will help avoid tanking. The NBA did not make a big deal out of their rule changes, and this is an analysis of how the NBA will eventually overtake the NFL as America's game.

Rules Changes

The NBA has changed rules to make sure that stars will be on TV, and they have changed the schedule to make sure that there are less back to back games that force star players to sit games out. The league has changed their rules for the lottery to make sure that more teams have a chance of getting a decent lottery pick. They have not solved the tanking problem, but they have made the lottery fairer. The NBA will not have a major upheaval over protests during the national anthem, and Silver does not have a relationship with a divisive President that looks inappropriate. Silver has led the NBA very well, and he has not given anyone a reason to point out the NBA to say that they do not get it.

The league consistently improves

The league is improving every year, and they are making changes that it a little bit more fun to watch. The NBA is not causing problems for its fans by allowing their old formula to overtake the modern form of the game. They have allowed for better officiating so that more scoring can occur, and they have not changed the rules to stop people like Stephen Curry from shooting.

Adam Silver has only wanted to see the game improve while getting out of the way as much as possible. He is not going to speak for the players, and he is not going to open his mouth and tell you things that you know are untrue. While Roger Goodell lies to the public and insults their intelligence, Adam Silver is very honest and soft-spoken.

He looks like a weekend radio host that has been at the station for decades, and he still spins his smooth tones on Saturday and Sunday night.

The league will overtake the NFL

There will come a time when football is too dangerous to play, and the NBA will begin to eat up more talent because gifted athletes will want to play a game that is much easier on their body. A lot of guys already play multiple Sports, and they will be given more secure futures by the NBA.