Jay Cutler has broken a ton of franchise passing records for the Chicago Bears. He has also consistently failed to deliver on the promise he came with when he was acquired from the Denver Broncos in 2009. The team seems ready to move away from him and his record salary, either via a trade or a simple release. These are the four strongest destinations for Cutler to land in this offseason.

New York Jets

The Jets would have a hard time absorbing the Cutler contract in a trade. They also may not interested in having a more physically gifted Ryan Fitzpatrick in their building after the interception debacle and benching of 2016.

They may not have another choice, though, with the unproven Bryce Petty and the apparently unreliable Christian Hackenberg as the only options for next season, as the roster currently stands.

Denver Broncos

A homecoming of sorts, since Denver is where the career of Jay Cutler began. The Broncos need better play from the quarterback position, with both of their young quarterbacks having physical limitations Cutler doesn't possess, even at this late stage of his career. He could be a good stopgap as second-year quarterback Paxton Lynch develops.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills seem likely to drop one expensive and overpaid quarterback in Tyrod Taylor, so why not grab another? The Bills are a team that simultaneously are much closer to the playoffs than people expect and still a long way from serious contention - a consistent, albeit erratic quarterback could push them over the edge.

Jay Cutler can be that quarterback.

Cleveland Browns

This may not be a match in heaven so much as it's a match in money. The Browns have over $100 million in salary cap space this spring. If the Bears refuse to settle for anything less than a trade, the best financial fit would be in Cleveland. The team doesn't have any proven commodities at the position, so even if they choose to draft a quarterback in the first round of the NFL Draft, they could take a flyer on Cutler to serve as a stopgap while they develop the next guy.