Lonzo Ball is the quiet point guard who is chewing up the spotlight in Los Angeles without even saying a word. He is so quiet that we often forget he has even gone to LA, and that is why it is interesting to hear about him in hushed tones. Reports come from training camp that he is shredding the scrimmages with officials, and he is showing that he is the perfect person to be on the same team as Magic Johnson. No, he is not playing with Magic, but his quietness matches well with Magic's huge personality. Magic knows that this is a good match, and you should look to see who would fit in well with Ball in a couple of years when free agents have all shifted.

Maybe it will not be a free agent at all.

Picking his running mates

magic johnson has enough personality for the whole of the Los Angeles area. He can cover the whole county, in fact, the whole coast with his personality. That is why Lonzo does not have to talk much. He knows that Magic will talk plenty, and there will be other people showing up who have much bigger personalities to play with him. Someone like Paul George would take up a lot of the spotlight, and the team could get LeBron to come down with his massive following. Lonzo would never have to talk, and he could be the efficient passer that he is without being subject to all the limelight. One could even argue that Magic getting fined for tampering helped Lonzo because it took the attention off his training camp performance.

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook could eventually leave OKC for Los Angeles. That would be a massive trade, but it would bring a scoring two guard to the team because the shift for Westbrook would be easy. He is going to get the ball from Ball when the time is right, and they will score a lot of points under that setup. Also, keep in mind that Paul George is probably coming to Los Angeles anyways because that is where he wants to be.

That would be a very good super team with a very good backcourt. You might not think that Westbrook will end up in LA, but it is possible.

Signing mid-range stars

The Lakers could easily sign mid-range stars who will help take some of the attention off Ball, and that would be good for him because it helps him make sure that he is only focused on basketball.

Someone who likes to talk even if they are not a superstar would do all the celebrating on the court, and Ball could keep his mouth shut. At the very least, this kid is going to be like Derek Jeter and tell us nothing. That is fine because LA can sign people to balance the team's personality.