The Georgia Bulldogs have a very good chance of beating Tennessee today as Jake Fromm becomes the standout quarterback for this team. He has been very good since Jacob Eason got hurt, and he will continue to rise in the ranks with every good win that he has. This kid is one of the best that you will see this weekend, and he must be brilliant against the Volunteers to prove that he deserves this job. These two teams will start moving in opposite directions after this game because Tennessee is falling and Georgia is rising.

Tennessee is not attached to Butch Jones

Surely, the Volunteers thought that Butch Jones would do more for them than he has, and he has not delivered on any of his promises. The team is alright, but they are not great. The fans hear about a lot of talent, but they are getting impatient because the SEC East should be so much easier to win than the West. Tennessee has not won their division, and they are now getting swallowed up by Georgia.

Georgia accidentally found their signal caller

Jake Fromm is a fantastic player, and he has given the fan base in Athens a lot of hope because he has been so good since replacing Jacob Eason in the starting lineup. These are fantastic times for the Bulldogs because they have several years to develop their program around this guy.

Yes, Jake will graduate at some point, but he will leave behind an offensive legacy that could make Georgia a powerful program once again. We often thought that the Bulldogs would be much better than they were, and this team could stop the dumb losses that ruined seasons under Mark Richt continually.

The Bulldogs have a stable base

Kirby Smart provides a stable base for this program because he is effectively copying the process that is used at Alabama. Of course, he has put his own twist on it, but he is not going to be so stoic like Nick Saban. This guy is going to want the Bulldog fans to be as excited as possible, and Sanford Stadium could become one of the hardest places to play in the country.

Their fans have been waiting for this, and they can get behind Kirby and Jake.

Butch Jones is very close to losing his job

Butch Jones is very close to losing his job, and he will probably lose his job faster if he takes a couple of bad losses. Getting blown out by Georgia will be very hard on morale for this team, and they might need to fire him just to keep the team together. Guys do not walk out, but they stop trying. Georgia will cruise to Atlanta, and Tennessee will have to start over again.