The remaining top target on Nebraska football's board for the 2018 class is a little over 10 days away from announcing his decision. Before he makes that announcement, he's got a few more visits he's going to take. On Tuesday night, Joshua Moore made it clear on his Twitter account that he has indeed scheduled his final two visits, confirming yet again that the Cornhuskers would be hosting him before the commit date.

The Cornhuskers were named one of Moore's final three schools a few days ago, confirming that many have believed he's been a lean towards the Huskers for a while now.

The other two schools making his "Big Three" are Florida State and Texas A&M. On June 18, Moore will pick from the trio, and pay homage to the anniversary of a family member of passed away on that date.

Nebraska has pulled out all the stops

Buzz has been surrounding Moore almost from the day he was offered by the Cornhuskers' coaching staff because of his immense talent. Nebraska has worked hard to offer up as much incentive for the wide receiver to play football in Lincoln as they possibly can. After finding out LSU had offered the 4-star Texas native a track scholarship, the Huskers countered with a track scholarship of their own.

That offer seems to have helped Nebraska at least a little bit, as they are still among the favorites to land Moore, while LSU is on the outside looking in.

There have been more than a few interviews where the wide receiver has talked about his relationship with position coach Keith Williams as well. This seems to indicate a legitimate bond has been formed between the two. That bodes well for the Cornhuskers as we enter the home stretch.

The race could be closer than Nebraska would like

When taking a closer look at Moore's final three schools, the dark horse candidate has to be Florida State. That could be a bit unsettling for Nebraska who has long thought to be a near shoo-in for the pick. Since Moore is indeed taking that third visit, the Seminoles can't be discounted as a real contender and a school that could swoop in and grab in at the last minute.

The real competition has long thought to be Texas A&M. Moore's brother, who the Huskers would also love to steal away, has already committed to the Aggies. Joshua just recently went to a Texas A&M camp that he seemed to really enjoy, throwing another wrench into the works. The good news is, Nebraska will be getting a visit just before he commits, but the decision could be as down to the wire. If you're a Husker fan it's time to mark your calendars for June 18 and hope.