The Atlanta Falcons may have had a bad day on offense, and there are a number of people who might have gotten concerned about this team because of how they looked against the Bears. The Chicago Bears gave The Falcons a hard time, but Austin Hooper was a fantastic receiver for the Falcons. Is Austin Hooper a brand new receiving option for the Falcons that could supercede incumbent players?

The Falcons needed Hooper

Austin Hooper was so good because he was unknown to the Bears, and they were not able to compensate for the fact that Hooper was able to catch the ball and run with it.

Hooper is a very big and very strong person, and he is able to pick up a lot of yards after the catch. Yards after the catch will help Matt Ryan a lot, and he can expect a lot more yards after the catch if he can get the ball to Hooper more often.

The long catch

Hooper caught a very long ball for the Falcons that led to a score. He was so good on that run that he gave out more than one stiff arm, and he is so strong that it appeared as though he was not slowing down. You have to be mammothly strong to do something like that, and Hooper could become the dump-off option that the Falcons need to protect Matt Ryan from big hits.

The running game

Chicago is very good against the run, and they showed it by stopping the Falcons from establishing their running game.

You might be surprised to find that the Falcons could not run the ball, but that is where Hooper came in. Hooper became the guy that Matt Ryan went to because he had no other options. There are many different reasons why the running game could have suffered from rust -- Steve Sarkisian, the Chicago crowd -- but it is much more likely that the Bears were very good this week.

The Falcons will not run into many defenses like that.

Where is Julio Jones?

He got overshadowed by Austin Hooper, but that is alright because Julio Jones will get his catches during the season. He likely cannot catch for 2000 yards since he did not have a big first game, but you never know how he will adjust to seeing Austin Hooper become a fan favorite that they want to see every week with the ball in his hands.

Matt Ryan's trust

Matt Ryan should trust Hooper given this amazing performance, and we may find that he is much more comfortable going into week two. We hear quarterbacks claim that they are going through progressions before they find someone to throw to, but we should remember that quarterbacks that get comfortable with a receiver tend to go back to that person over and over.