Picking a fantasy defense will be much easier now that you have seen everyone in the NFL play, and you must start to look at what these teams can do for you going forward. Picking a defense often does not do much good because they can only provide you so much value, but a defense that scores could give you a number of reasons to smile. Picking the right defense will make a huge difference for you, and there are a couple defenses that you should try this time around.

The Rams

The Rams' defense will get much better next week with help from Aaron Donald, and they will have many more chances to score points.

They scored for the Rams today, and they contributed to a very big blowout of the Colts. The Rams were playing against a really bad team, but they still did what everyone wants their defense to do. They scored because they knew they needed to help their offense.

The Seahawks

The Seattle defense could be concerned that their offense cannot score enough points, and they would be right to be nervous if their team is not able to move the ball. Choosing Seattle could be a good move for you because they have playmakers who can score and disrupt opposing offenses. The NFL loves a defense that can score, and the Seattle defense can probably score more than any other in the league.


The Jaguars defense probably has a lot of confidence going into week two, and they know that they have an offense they can count on.

You will see the Jaguars' offense get more rest because the unit can stay on the field longer, and you will notice that the Jaguars are very capable of scoring on defense when given the opportunity. They have motivation to score because their offense is still young, and they had a very good showing to start the season with Houston.


The Patriots' defense cannot stink that badly for a second week in a row, and they will be coached very hard by Bill Belichick to get after the ball and try to create turnovers and points. There are a number of reasons to pick The Patriots, but the most important reason to draft this defense is their offense. The offense in New England could be on the field for a long time next week, and they will give their defense all the rest they need.

Combine that simple fact with an angry Bill Belichick, and you will have a strong defensive performance.


The Chiefs are still one of the better defenses in the league even though they lost Eric Berry, and they may play for pride the rest of the season. Look for Kansas City to be sneaky and very good.