Dak Prescott is clearly the man in Dallas after he led his team to a win without any reservation or hiccups. He looked great to start his second season, and he should prove to be amazing this year while the Cowboys plan to build around him. We all know that running backs will tend to flame around age 30, and receivers will not last much longer than that. Dak could stand behind this offensive line for years, and that gives The Cowboys many chances to win in the next decade. We should not be shocked that he will still be around in Dallas, and we should consider what that means for the franchise.

No matter who manages the roster

Jerry Jones cannot manage the roster in Dallas forever because there will come a point where he simply cannot do it anymore. His son Stephen has talked him into a lot of good personnel moves over the years, and Stephen could be the perfect owner for the team going forward because that experience will help him when he likely goes out and hires someone to run personnel. He will know what to do, and the Cowboys can create a good partnership that might not be broken up by ego. Jerry had his problems with Jimmy Johnson, but those problems do not have to continue into the future.

Dak at 40

Let us assume that Dak will play to age 40 because that appears to be the target age for quarterbacks to get to right now.

That is an age that gets thrown out often, and it will make a difference to the people of Dallas because that would give them over 15 years with Dak as their quarterback. He is likely to remain healthy considering how his career started, and he will be the last man standing among the offensive core. Dez Bryant will have retired, and Ezekiel Elliott will be retired.

Dak will be on a Dallas team with a bunch of new players that Stephen Jones may have picked out himself.

Can he win titles?

A guy that went to Mississippi State and won a lot of games is more than capable of having a good career and winning at least one title. That team at Mississippi State relied on him so much because Prescott was probably the best talent in the history of the school, and he proved that he was worthy of that crown by leaving and becoming a great player in the NFL.

He can win titles, but he has to have some help because one Dak Prescott with no one around him cannot do a thing. He is very solid, and he will not be flustered. However, Dak Prescott still needs help that was often not given to other people on the Cowboys in the past. We should root for Dak because he is more amazing than we realized.