Tropical heat is the cause of the development, movement, and devastation caused by Harvey and Irma. As greenhouse gases increase, Global warming can lead to even more hurricanes. However, the Trump administration has dashed to reverse environmental protection laws. The current administration favors oil companies and their interests.

High temperatures cause hurricanes

The reason for both Harvey and Irma is heat. They absorb heat from the seas and convert it into wind energy. The hurricanes are driven by warm air having high humidity. The heat is moved from sea surface to the atmosphere and travel thousands of miles.

Examine the eye of any hurricane, and you will find that the air temperature is highest there.

President Trump has reversed several eenvironmentalprotection laws

President Trump has denied the evidence for climate change. He also took the action of pulling out of Paris Climate Agreement. In the past President Trump has indicated that he does not accept the scientific evidence that global warming is real. His actions show that he does not intend to compel businesses to reduce green house emissions. On February 16, Trump repealed a rule that stopped coal mining companies from putting debris into streams. On March 2, he overturned a requirement that businesses should report methane emissions. On March 29, he lifted the suspension of new coal leases on public lands.

Trump's policies have the potential of pushing the earth towards unchangeable global warming. Within the first four months in office, President Trump has done an about turn on 23 environment related rules/regulations. He has supported US companies that deal with fossil fuels and has removed rules that protect the environment and reduce global warming.

The environment must be protected

If environment is not protected there will be worse hurricanes. It is anthropogenic warming that causes hurricanes to be intense and destructive in its impact. If important global powers such as the United States do not control global warming the intensity and destructiveness of hurricanes is bound to increase.

As global warming increases hurricanes will have much higher rainfall rates and destructiveness of flooding. When global leaders reduce efforts to control greenhouse gases, they are triggering more deadly and destructive hurricanes. If the global leaders do not reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there can be even more destructive hurricanes.