Su'a Cravens has one of the best names I have seen in a long time, and he is also about to Retire from the NFL. Well, that is what everyone thinks will happen. He is only 22 years old, and I believe we should respect his choice. There are a number of reasons why someone would want to retire at such a young age, and we should cover them all to be sure that we know what this could be. Perhaps Su'a has a good reason.


He has had a knee injury, and he may not think that he is going to come back from it the way that he wants. We are not his doctor, and I believe that it could be a situation where he just does not believe that he can be the player that he once was.

That means that he is considering his future, and that is alright.


We do not have the conclusive evidence that many people would like, but it appears that football is not good for your brain. That reality should scare anyone who plays football because they want to be a functional person after they get done playing. A few guys have retired recently because they were not Ready to put their bodies through what it takes to play in the NFL, and they did so because they were thinking of the future. I much prefer that Su'a retire if he feels that he has a problem with player safety, and I can see how he would lose his love for the game if he saw it differently.

He does not love it

He may not enjoy football anymore, and we cannot judge him for that.

However, you will get hurt if you are playing a game that you do not love that is so dangerous to play. I would be terrified to play the game if I hated it because you can get hurt so easily on a play. I also believe that it is much easier for someone to walk away when they have realized that they do not love it.

His love is not up for sale

There are a lot of people who are trying to judge if he loves the game as seen in comments about Cravens planning to retire, and I think that football players are only making comments because they know that you should not be playing if you do not love the game. I agree with them, but it comes off as harsh because the people who are making the comments are still in the league.

I believe that we must let them speak their peace understanding that they must be slapping their knees understanding how Cravens might feel.

The Redskins are a team that has been mired in problems for a while, and he could be very uncomfortable with how the team is run. We do not know, and I wish Su'a well if he chooses to retire. He will have his health and a long life to live.