The NFL schedule is quite complex because it has to factor in everything from bye weeks to locations. The NFL has to fit in matchups between certain divisions, and they must find a schedule that is appropriate for every team. The teams that were good last year get a harder schedule this season, and teams that dropped off will get an easier schedule. Teams that people will not watch hardly make it to prime time, and teams that are really terrible usually end up on Thursday night. The strength of the schedule makes a difference, and it could cause problems for one team in particular.

The Falcons

The Falcons are going to suffer if they cannot play up the schedule that they are given by the league. They must play up to the competition, and they must ensure that they are scoring just as much as they did last year. They have the potential to do so, and there are many things that they could do to beat teams that they beating up last year. They should repeat these performances, and they should ensure that they have thought out how they will manage a tough schedule.

The Super Bowl loss

The Super Bowl loss that the Falcons went through will cause trouble for them if they have not managed their schedule properly. They could have emotions come up, and they may find themselves thinking of that terrible loss that could still haunt them.

They cannot allow emotions to take over their season, but the season is so tricky that someone who is not emotionally stable will start losing games, get in their head, and start to lose games that they should win.

The schedule is harder

The schedule is harder for the Falcons because it must be according to NFL policy, and they must not look through their schedule to determine what games they will win and which they will lose.

They cannot start to think about what will happen if they are having problems with certain teams on their schedule, and they should not allow the schedule to become a larger story than their team. They have one of the best offenses in the NFL, and they should score enough points to cause problems for many different teams around the league.

Maybe a return trip

The Falcons can get back to the Super Bowl if they are willing to play their schedule just as they did last year. They should not complicate matters in any way, and they should not force their team to play in a style that is not good for them because they are playing with too much emotion or fear. They need to let the NFL come to them.