Chris Johnson has been released by the Cardinals, and I think it is time someone gave him a shot to fulfill his potential. The pass happy offense in Arizona might not have been for him, but sending him a place where they need more running might be a Good Idea for Chris. I remember when we were wondering if the Titans were going to pay him a few years ago, and here he sits today without a job. I imagine there is a landing spot for him, and I think I have the place. Bear with me while we discuss how the Browns can get better.

He has potential

He has been a very good running back in the NFL since he came out with the Titans, and he has been good enough for him to hang around even though he was not flirting with 2000 yards in a season.

He has enough energy and strength left in him to make a push for may years this season with the right team. So, why would we not send him to Cleveland where he can Run behind Joe Thomas? That seems like a really good idea.

He is the placeholder

Chris will not spent the next ten years with Cleveland, but he could be with a team where he will make a real impact. He has not been in position to be a hall of famer because of the fact that he got let go by the Titans years back, and he has been playing ok in Arizona. They are able to use him to run for a couple years while they find his replacement, and he can retire with dignity.

The Browns need someone to protect Kizer

The Browns need as much help as possible when they are trying to break in a quarterback who is young and fresh.

They have given him the job because they want to see what they have, and they could use any help they can get to make him much safer. They need him to survive the season if they plan to start him in 2018, and there are a number of people who would be happy to see Kizer have a chance to really play. This poor kid could be killed if there is no running game, but it would be much easier for him if there was a proven back with him.

Maybe he catches fire

What if Chris comes to Cleveland, and maybe he runs for 1500 yards? Maybe he puts his career back together in, of all places, Cleveland. It was be amazing to see him have that kind of season for a team that has been so bad for so long. he could be a part of their rejuvenation, and he could help this team bring along the quarterback who can replace Bernie Kozar. Because, be honest with yourself, they have been hurting since Bernie Kozar retired. Chris Johnson could be a very good piece who will fly under the radar and be great this season.