In the sweet 16th season of "project runway," there is a lot of talent, crop tops, and twists! And, one of the new twists concerns the model selection. Instead of only showcasing Models with the stereotypical supermodel figure that represents a tiny fraction of the population, "Project Runway" is featuring models of all sizes: 2-22. Fans of the show loudly applaud the decision! However, as the season unfolds, the designers are reacting a little differently.

Designers are clearly frustrated with curvy models & fans are clearly annoyed

At first, fans were head-over-(high)heels in love with the range of body sizes among the models.

But the designers were less than excited. "Project Runway" host Heidi Klum even told "Entertainment Tonight" that "a lot of them actually weren't too happy about it." And, episode after episode, fans are forced to hear those designers complain about working with, as contestant Shawn Buitendorp described, "a curvy lady."

On episode one, contestant Brandon Kee admitted that "getting Liris," a plus-size model, "[was] taking [him] for a loop," and even described her as having the "hardest model proportions." The following week, on episode two, when contestant Shawn Buitendorp was being critiqued by the "Project Runway" judges, she claimed to be "struggling because [she had] never worked with a curvy lady." After the model was described as curvy a second time, guest judge and actress Maggie Q stepped in to say that the model "is not curvy.

If you think that's curvy, you're gonna have a real problem designing in the United States, because that is not curvy."

While Maggie Q voicing her frustration is appreciated, it still reveals a flaw in our expectations about female body image. There is nothing wrong with being described as curvy, but designers should be honored to work with these full-figured goddesses.

They should not be complaining! And, after 6 episodes, fans have had it with the complaints.

Plus-size 'Project Runway' models want to feel sexy too

"Project Runway" has made another adjustment to the show this season, allowing fans to see more of the show from the model's perspective.

We get to see the models chatting with designers, during confessionals before and after the runway show, and behind-the-scenes looks during deliberation.

Liris Crosse, who first worked on "Project Runway" with season 14 winner Ashley Nell Tipton, explained during episode two that, "plus women, we love our bodies. We love our curves." And fans have heard Liris asking several designers to show off her gorgeous, "hourglass shape." While few designers have succeeded beautifully, most were too thrown off by the challenge. In episode 4, plus-size model Jazzmine Carthon confessed that she did, "once again feel frumpy. I'm fully covered. I'm just missing the sexy."

Newsflash, designers: real fashion is not one-size-fits-all. Real fashion comes in all sizes!