In the latest episode of "project runway," there was a whole lot of drama. So, let's recap. First, the twins were given an hour to compete head-to-head. This resulted in Shawn Buitendorp dropping out of the competition before she could be eliminated. After all the tears and good-byes ensued, even more drama started to develop. Let's take a closer look.

Margarita Alvarez started drama in the workroom

In the eighth episode of "Project Runway," the designers were given the opportunity to work with Dixie to create a custom print and a fashionable look for a woman on the go.

However, the designers were no longer working with the "Project Runway" models. Instead, the models for this challenge consisted of the close friends and family members of the "Project Runway" crew.

Claire was paired with Cecilia, a close friend of an executive producer of "Project Runway." Margarita was paired with Stacey, the mother of a challenge producer of the show. Only moments later, the drama began to unfurl.

As Claire began draping her top, Margarita started to watch very closely. In a confessional, Margarita said, "Claire is sitting in front of me and I can't help but notice that she is draping a piece that looks damn near exact to what I made for JCPenney last week...I just want everyone to play fair."

There might have been a similarity among the two looks, but Claire's look was far from finished.

However, Margarita was already fired up and wanted everyone to know it. First, she told contestants Brandon Kee and Kentaro Kameyama. Second, she told Kentaro again. Third, she told contestants Amy Bond, Ayana Ife, and Kenya Freeman.

Ayana responded by saying she didn't want to get involved in the drama. Later in a confessional, Ayana admitted that she didn't agree with Margarita because "it's just a sideways ruching with a pair of pants.

We all do ruching at some point."

So, why was Margarita being so passive-aggressive? Why didn't she just confront Claire? During a confessional, Margarita explained, "I can't say anything cause I am going to explode, and I don't want [Claire] to feel attacked."

Or, maybe Margarita just realized that she was overreacting. Below is a comparison of Claire's finished look (on the left) and Margarita's finished look from the previous week.

"Project Runway" fans took to Twitter to let Margarita know she didn't have the right to call Claire's look a knock-off.

Claire was determined the winner, then accused of cheating

Ultimately, the "Project Runway" judges did not see Claire's design as a knock-off either. Claire was in the top; Margarita was at the bottom.

And, don't forget, 25,000 dollars was at stake!

Following the runway show, the judges critiqued Claire's look. Heidi Klum described Claire's design as "perfect head-to-toe." Designer Zac Posen and fashion director Nina Garcia went on to compliment the boldness of Claire's print. Finally, Nina Garcia critiqued, "in terms of the design, am I blown away? Have I never see this before? No, I have seen a version of this."

However, Claire was still awarded the win along with 25,000 dollars. When Heidi Klum said, "Claire, you are the winner of this challenge," many "Project Runway" fans died a little inside. And, contestant Michael Brambila walked right off the stage.

Right before the runway, Michael claimed, "[Claire's] pants are not an original work.

They're similar to something she has in her room, and that’s not really fair." After he stormed off the runway, Michael explained to a crew member that he "came to play fair. And, there is no fairness in this game."

Only moments later, Michael told Tim Gunn that his reaction was due to "what's going on behind-the-scenes. We know what [Claire] is doing, and she knows what she's doing as well." Tim looked very concerned and promised to "look into this." And, then the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

In the preview for next week's episode, fans got one tiny hint. Fans heard Tim Gunn ask someone, "is it true that you have a tape measure in your room?"

So, was Tim Gunn asking Claire about the tape measure?

Would that be a violation of the competition? What else is going on behind-the-scenes? Will Claire lose the 25,000 dollars and be eliminated from the competition? Or, are Margarita and Michael just behaving like sore losers? Find out next week!