In the sweet 16th season of "project runway," the show is featuring its first pair of identical twin designers. When first introduced to Shawn and Claire Buitendorp on episode 0, "Project Runway" mentor Tim Gunn explained that these "two designers share a birthday; they live together and even finish each other’s sentences. Luckily, their designs speak for themselves.” But in the latest episode, those designs did not impress the judges.The elimination was down to the twins, and they were given an additional one hour to create a brand-new design and fight for their place in the competition.

Then the episode ended abruptly, leaving fans with a cliffhanger. So, which twin deserves to be eliminated? Let's review their designs and critiques from the last seven episodes.

Claire beats twin sister in episodes one and two

In episode one of "Project Runway," the designers were asked to create a look that encompasses their design aesthetic and could dominate the red carpet! After the runway show, Claire was declared safe. However, Shawn's design placed her in the bottom three. "Project Runway" judge and Brooks Brothers designer Zac Posen described Shawn's look as "a little hookery." Marie Claire fashion director and journalist Nina Garcia viciously described Shawn's look like one belonging to a "C celebrity that doesn't have a good stylist."

In episode two of "Project Runway," the designers were asked to make a high-fashion look out of recycled materials.

In addition to this being their first unconventional materials challenge, it was also season 16's first team challenge! Both of the twins were on the losing team, with Shawn in the bottom three again. Drama unfolded on the runway when the losing team members were asked who should be eliminated. The twins' three other teammates all chose Shawn to be eliminated due to her lack of time management skills.

The judges, however, didn't take that advice.

Shawn improves while Claire worsens in episodes 3-6

In episode three of "Project Runway," the designers were challenged to make an innovative outfit inspired by ballet and hip-hop dance. Neither of their designs stood out to the judges during the runway show, as they were both determined safe.

In episode four of "Project Runway," the designers were given the opportunity to design sleepwear for Heidi Klum Intimates. Claire was determined safe by the judges for the second week in the row. Shawn, shockingly, was in the top three. During the critique, Heidi Klum described Shawn's design as "sophisticated, sexy, [and] elegant." And, Nina Garcia called Shawn's look "modern, sophisticated, [and] sensuous." Garcia even added, "really, very perfect."

In episode five of "Project Runway," the designers were tasked with crafting a fashion-forward look inspired by fairy tale elements of either good or evil. Shawn's piece was inspired by evil, and the judges declared her safe. Claire's look was inspired by good and landed her in the bottom three.

Zac Posen hilariously said Claire's model looked like, "Cinderella on her day off [that] need[ed] a bippity-boppity-boop really bad." Then, Nina Garcia claimed to have "seen a version of this a trillion times." And, Heidi Klum bluntly called it "forgettable." Claire was on the chopping block but ultimately was allowed to continue in the competition. Surprisingly, Claire showed very little appreciation for the final outcome. During her confessional, Claire reflected on the elimination and said, "I am not going to grovel and say 'oh thank you, thank you, thank you.' I don't think I deserved to be there in the first place."

In episode six of "Project Runway," the designers were asked to create a streetwear look for the "Project Runway" models who were also the designers' clients.

When first learning about the challenge, the models were asked to select the designer with which they'd like to work. The twins were two out the last three designers selected, with Claire being the very last one picked. Shawn was eventually chosen by model Janine Tondu. And, Claire was paired with Sian Osborne.

Shawn's design made it in the top three and was described as "really chic and very expensive" by Heidi Klum. Nina Garcia added that "feminine and pretty always sells." Claire, on the other hand, was in the bottom three designers because, as Nina Garcia stated, "sadly, [Claire's look was] just a blob of black." Zac Posen added that Claire's design "just didn't make a fashion statement."

Both twins lose in episode 7

In episode seven of "Project Runway," the designers were given the JCPenney challenge.

With menswear fabrics, the designers were tasked with creating a fashionable look for the female JCPenney customer. This was the second team challenge, and the twins were paired together. And, they lost together for looks Zac Posen described as "trashy, uninspired, [and] banal." However, no one has been eliminated yet because, as Heidi Klum stated, "we need to see what you can will be going head-to-head."

During the last few seconds of the episode, fans hear Claire confess that "[her] success will result in [her] sister's failure." Then Shawn seemed to agree in her own confessional when she admitted, "I'm worried it's my time to go."

Do you agree with the twins? Should Shawn be eliminated?