Yet another big body love evangelist, Ashley Nell Tipton is seeking out weight-loss. Folks are questioning the plus-size model's desire to lose weight and her unorthodox way of doing it with bariatric surgery. But the winner of "Project Runway" says no one should judge her for getting gastric bypass surgery. At just 25, the JC Penney model's obesity was already causing terrifying health problems.

Ashley Nell Tipton advocates body positivity

You might know Tipton as the winner of "Project Runway" season 14. Or you might recognize her as the face of the JC Penney plus-sized clothing line.

The young model won a fashion design gig from her stint on Bravo. Along with plus-size models Ashley Graham and Alex LaRosa, Tipton preached a positive body image message. She made her weight work for her in the fashion industry. The 25-year-old celebrity won the design show on the strength of her stylish plus-size styles. Unfortunately, obesity worked against her physically, however.

'Runway' winner faces plus-size health scares

All the positivity in the world couldn't stop the young woman's body from reacting negatively to excess weight. Tipton struggled with depression which her antidepressant wasn't helping, but she figured that as long as her physical health was okay, she could manage the mental health part.

But it wasn't -- hypertension and metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes or insulin resistance) set in. She developed a chronic skin infection in fat folds. The threat of metabolism problems, high blood pressure and diabetes sent her to seek weight-loss, and quickly.

JC Penney model shamed for gastric bypass surgery

Ashley Nell Tipton opted to undergo bariatric surgery to get obesity under control fast.

Social media fans criticized weight-loss surgery as cheating. They were also concerned that Tipton was so young. She defended herself on Facebook saying gastric bypass surgery may have been the simple choice but it wasn't easy. Mama June Shannon of reality television's "From Not to Hot" and "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" would agree.

Shannon was shocked at how unpleasant bariatric and skin removal plastic surgery are. They also don't eliminate the need to diet and exercise as many patients on TLC's "My 600-lb Life" believe. Having only 20 percent of your stomach forces you into a stricter diet regimen. Tipton has already lost 50 pounds but still plans to advocate body love regardless of size.