The second day of the New York Fashion Week introduced the collections coming from the finalists of hit reality competition, project runway.” It was a runway show dedicated entirely to the reality series, with the judges also walking on stage, USA Today reported.

The whole show last September 8 was also the final taping of “Project Runway” Season 16. It featured the judges of the show Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen who also walked on the way.

USA Today was on the scene as Klum started the New York Fashion Week show by taking pride on the uniqueness of their TV series’ new season.

She said that it is their first time to include models of varying sizes. She was wearing a stunning purple-colored dress ornamented with a draping bow and revealing neckline.

Creations from the competition

Before this finale of “Project Runway,” the contestants went head to head in several design challenges that tested their patience, their creativity and their wit under pressure. During the New York Fashion Week, it was time for them to feature their best creations as they vie for the coveted title.

The designers behind each of the collections presented were not revealed to the audiences. One of the designs featured large dresses and skirts, pantsuits and feathery outfits paired with shining metallics.

This set aimed at being classy yet staying casual at the same time.

The show gradually turned into outfits with sheer details in the fabrics, and patterns taken from a more modern angle. Another set made by one of the contestants featured minimalist black and white, then transforming into bright red color schemes. The old-style gowns were paired with large tops and tight pants, a combination of the past and the future, USA Today reported.

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Bohemian aesthetics

Aside from the Project Runway show, Calvin Klein also graced the second day of the fashion week by featuring a collection that paid tribute to the brand’s all-American origins, Haute Living reported.

The designs took inspiration from life in America and some trends from the 1950s.

Ready-to-wear designer Ulla Johnson took the stage with her bohemian collection transfused with hints of urban style. The entire set was composed of soft pastel colors, floral patterns, and leathers which generally painted a romantic vibe and exuded a modern statement.

Some Asian designers also graced the runway. One of them was Yang Lu, a Chinese designer known for his geometric patterns. The New York Fashion Week will run until September 13.