Women’s Wear Daily said that KMart is offering its customers with a big change especially in its "plus-Size" fashion label. The popular Department Store chain is now calling its plus-size section, “fabulously sized.”

Taking a different approach to other department stores, Kmart’s new move will offer a more positive way for women to view certain items from the plus-size section of the store. The retail outlet is not unusual in that they have a generous range of clothing for women, but what makes them unique is extending the sizes for their women’s apparel collection, Women’s Daily Wear added.

Different perspective

Kmart’s chief marketing officer Kelly Cook said that the new section label will provide customers with a different perspective which will allow them to search through a more varied set of products in their stores. Cook revealed that the company has already coordinated with their social media followers regarding this major shift.

She also told Women’s Daily Wear that changing the name of their “plus-size” fashion label will be relevant today, especially for a market that seeks “diversity promotion and body positivity.” Plus-size fashion is a topic discussed in mainstream media today, associated with themes such as body image and body-shaming. Celebrity model Ashley Graham leads the list of Hollywood's plus-size women who have made waves in the industry despite being larger than average.

Kmart’s newest campaign

On September 8, Kmart launched its newest campaign called “I Can.” Their promo video was posted on their official YouTube page, featuring women of color from various backgrounds.

The video depicted a group of women debunking the notion of being unable to reach their goals. The campaign used the phrase “conquering the world with fashion" to convey its message.

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It contained messages such as, “Anything is possible, dress for it.”

Kmart is a subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corporation and is known for selling quality products and brands from internationally-acclaimed names such as Adam Levine, their official website notes. The department store also offers financial services and pharmaceutical products for customers who need to pay their bills and purchase their medications.

Aside from plus-size women’s fashion, they also offer products for children, men, and athletes. The store is known for its affordable prices and highly-efficient operations, offering customers an efficient shipping policy that is "hassle-free."