I think it is funny that we are trying to ascribe downhome values to Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher to make them seem similar. Can we be honest for a second? Nick Saban is a jerk to the media most of the time, and he seems like he does not even like his job. I wish I could get a job that pays that well that I hated. Jimbo Fisher seems like a nice guy who genuinely enjoys football, and he has a completely different demeanor than Saban. Can I tell you about the reality of downhome values?

Downhome values can be very fake

We have sayings in the south like, "bless your heart," and people think they are so cute, but they do not realize that half the time that is a gigantic insult.

We pretend to be hospitable, but we have KKK rallies in 2017. Small towns in the south teach people to be distrustful because everyone is gossiping constantly. You could say my grandfather had downhome values, but he also made me horribly uncomfortable by casually using the n-word like it was nothing. It is not all it's cracked up to be. You can have good values and be from anywhere. Just because these two guys are from West Virginia, it does not make them good or bad.

You decide to be warm and cuddly

It is Nick Saban's decision to use the process and be a curmudgeon all the time. It is Jimbo Fisher's choice to be much more affable and approachable. That is how they choose to act, and it has nothing to do with the way they were raised.

You can, as a parent, raise your kid one way, and they will come out a different way. This leaves me with the question of why you would allow your kid to play for Nick Saban when he seems so disinterested in everyone who is not himself. However, I would send my kid to play for Jimbo Fisher in a second. Winning does not excuse poor behavior, and we see Nick behave poorly every season.

It is not all one 'south'

The south is not one place that has one culture. I find people thinking that these two men are so connected to be funny. Two different towns could seem like two different countries, and Jimbo simply has a much better personality. I would want to have a beer with him, and it has nothing to do with the fact that he is from the south.

My best friend is Ukrainian, and I do not automatically love all Ukrainians. The comparisons make no sense.

Judge results and kindness

I see Jimbo Fisher being kind more often than not, and I see Nick Saban blasting reporters more often than not. Sure, he is a good coach, but at what cost to the people around him that have to listen to him?