Niantic launched "Pokemon Go" in mid-2016 and the augmented reality game received a lot of popularity in the gaming community. It is true that the developers are constantly offering legendary Pokemon to the players but the overall hype for the game has cooled down substantially. For instance, the game is in the process of adding legendary birds and animals, followed by Mewtwo, but there has not been a major 'Pokemon Go' event since the end of July this year.

Why is Niantic not hosting any more events?

In July 2017, the developers hosted the "Pokemon Go Fest" in Chicago.

Niantic promised that it would be the event where players could add the first Legendary Pokemon into the game. However, even though millions of people landed up at the event, the Fest was marked with technical difficulties, which did not allow most players to log into their account and start playing. Fans who had made the journey to the fest from different parts of the world were especially frustrated with how the event was handled.

Since then, Niantic has not hosted any such event. Small events were created in Japan and Europe, but none of these reached the scales that the Chicago fest had. The smaller localized events may have good attendance, but it still does not match up to the potential that Pokemon Go events have in other places.

Millions of players around the world are waiting for Niantic to announce a better event that they can take part in.

Many players may argue that legendary Pokemon spawns are similar to the real-world events and that this may be why Niantic is currently not holding any events. However, most legendary Pokemon, such as Raikou, arrive as raid bosses.

Players have to defeat Raikou and capture it. Once the Pokemon is captured, there is nothing else to do for the player. This is where actual real-world events are much better than the spawn of legendary Pokemon.

What is missing?

Most players feel that "Pokemon Go" currently lacks any great goal or objective toward which players can advance.

This means that even with Legendary Pokemon, the players will eventually capture them. However, there is no plan as to what they should do beyond capturing these creatures. A global event would go a long way in fixing this issue. The addition of Mewtwo will also not be enough to bring interest back in the game. Once the powerful legendary Pokemon is captured, there will not be much left to do for fans. Thus, Niantic must find a way to engage players.