Pokémon GO was a sensational hit video game when it was released in 2016, being the first ever video game to truly take advantage of the augmented reality experience. It was also well received by fans of the Pokémon series because it gave players the ultimate experience of going out in the real world and searching for different Pokémon and then capturing them.

niantic labs is behind the development of the much-loved title. The company ensured that gamers are satisfied with the content that it had to offer and even updated the game with regular new additions, which further increased the popularity of the game.

The developers organized a special event for the game at Chicago’s Grant Park, during which it would unlock the first ever legendary Pokémon. However, this event turned out to be a disaster, as most fans who visited were unable to log into the game due to last minute server issues.

Game events delayed throughout Europe

The developers recently announced that four of the seven events that were scheduled to take place in Europe in summer have now been postponed to fall. Niantic had announced these European events earlier in July, prior to the dismal failure of the ‘Pokémon GO’ Fest held in Chicago. Anyone who has already purchased the tickets to the four delayed events will have to wait for now for the company to announce the date when these will finally be held.

The August 5 event scheduled to take place in Copenhagen and Prague, along with the August 12 event which was to take place in Stockholm and Amsterdam have now been moved back to an unspecified date later in the year. Niantic apologized to fans for this delay and assured fans that this postponement was to ensure that the events turn out to be successful and live up to the expectations of the players.

Niantic also consoled distressed fans by saying that rare Pokémon will soon be arriving in select European cities for a limited period of time.

What is to blame for the delay

It seems likely that Niantic delayed the European events as a direct result of the dismal performance of the game during the Chicago event. Most fans who had attended the fest were enraged and let their displeasure be known to the organizers.

The server problems persisted to such an extent that Niantic had to refund the ticket prices to the event.

However, many fans had traveled from abroad into the United States specifically to take part in the fest and these fans were left disappointed after having spent large sums of money for their travel as well. The developers may be trying to figure out the issue now and have delayed the European events as a result of this.