There are a lot of people who have been waiting around to see who would be the heir apparent in New England. I remember sitting around last year wondering if Jimmy Garropolo would be traded to a place like Cleveland, and he was even on the cusp of just asking to be sent on because he thinks that the Patriots will not be without Tom Brady for years to come. He basically had to sit there and be the talk of the town without having a chance to prove himself. Now, the Patriots have sent Brissett to the Colts because they seem to have made their choice.

Why trade him now?

I think they have been through a multi-year audition to be Tom Brady's understudy, and Brissett has been sent to the Colts because he does not appear to be the winner of the competition. I do not know if the Patriots will have a third passer on the depth chart, but I think that they think they do not even need it. They can use these two guys exclusively, and they will make it much easier to have another player on the roster given this situation. I think they have truly planned for the future in this move.

The team never says a thing

We know nothing other than Tom Brady wanting to be a player that goes well into his 40s. He has never had any major injuries, and he misses very little time because of how healthy he is, and it is much easier for him to continue to play as long as he is healthy.

I think that it would be interesting for the team to start playing Garropolo just a little bit because they want him to be ready. They could be in the midst of a Steve Young type situation, but we are forgetting one thing: if that is the case. Jimmy is not Steve Young.

The Patriots are crafty

The Patriots know that the best thing that ever happened to them is Tom Brady, and they have to be sure that they can do something with their roster when he finally retires.

I think there wold be a drop off, but I also think they would be prepared for it because they are making wise decisions. They have very carefully chosen the people that play for them, and they shift their roster only when they have to make moves. They do not overpay people, and they do not allow their roster to be held captive by anybody or anything.

I think that it is much easier for them to do this now while no one is looking, and I believe that that is why Jimmy never got traded. Jimmy was never going anywhere.

There are many people who are hoping that Tom Brady will play forever, but the reality is that they need a backup -- Jimmy Garropolo, without question.