Nintendo is preparing to release “Fire Emblem Warriors” next month by sharing tons of new information about the game. Aside from some new playable character, they’ve also shown off various gameplay trailers for both the Nintendo Switch and New 3DS. Just recently, the developers have also announced three Expansion Packs coming later this year and early 2018.

Continue your battles

According to Siliconera, Nintendo has announced three upcoming expansions for “Fire Emblem Warriors” during Tokyo Game Show 2017. You can purchase all three through a season pass, or choose to buy them separately.

While there aren’t many details about the content, they’ll each include one new playable character. Interestingly enough, these DLCs are all named after various games from the franchise.

The first expansion is called “Fates” and will release within the year. The second DLC is based on “Shadow Dragon” and will release sometime after New Year. Finally, the last DLC is called “Awakening” and will release in Spring 2018. There are plenty of characters from each game, so it’ll be interesting to see which heroes will make it to “Fire Emblem Warriors.” So far, the current roster contains characters from “Shadow Dragon,” “Shadows Of Valentia,” “The Blazing Blade,” “Awakening,” and “Fates.”

Three new heroes join the battle

That said, three new characters were recently announced as playable characters.

The priestess from “Shadows of Valentia,” Celica, joins the battle wielding a sword and light-based magic. Since Celica is in the crossover game, there’s a good chance that Alm might also be included in future expansions or DLC. Moreover, both Tiki and Caeda from “Shadow Dragon” will also be playable fighters. Tiki retains her child-like human form, yet seems to use some of her dragon powers as special abilities.

Caeda, on the other hand, rides into battle as a Pegasus Knight.

“Fire Emblem Warriors” is a musou game that brings together heroes from across the series. These heroes must join forces to help restore the fallen kingdom of Aytolis. The game also stars two new twin protagonists named Rowan and Lianna. While there is no tactical turn-based gameplay, “FE: W” will include several core mechanics from the series, like permadeath and support conversations.

The upcoming title will also have a History Mode that will let players revisit the story of several “FE” game within “Warriors.” The crossover title will officially launch next month on Oct. 20 for both the Nintendo Switch and New 3DS.