It's looking like we could be in for a pretty boring autumn. People like me love fall not only for the fantastic weather and changing of the color of leaves, enjoyable holidays like Halloween, Columbus Day, Patriot Day and Thanksgiving but also for football. No other pastime is more memorable for Americans. But sadly, some may have chosen to give football's biggest fans a reason to miss the season this year.

Kneeling has consequences

Over the weekend, more than 200 NFL players got down on one knee to show defiance toward President Donald Trump after comments he made during a political rally in Alabama.

The president said, using some unusually colorful language, that players who kneel for the national anthem should be "fired." according to the Associated Press, more than 200 players over the weekend, protested. They understand they're not going to lose their jobs for showing disrespect for the flag. They may not understand that Roger Goodell isn't their only employer.

Our rights, their rights

Liberals all over the country are coming to the defense of Nfl Players taking a knee during the National Anthem. The argument goes that these players have the right to kneel to protest if they want to. It's their free speech right. It's not reasonable to assume that any rational person would argue with that.

NFL players have the right to protest and express their opinions. Of course, the fans have the same rights the players do.

Kneeling during the National Anthem may be an expression of free speech and a right guaranteed by the Constitution, but it's still disrespectful. The flag of the USA is not just a piece of cloth to many Americans.

It's a symbol of this country. Standing and saluting it during a ball game is a symbol of loyalty to the country and its people. Kneeling and not saluting shows disloyalty and disrespect.

While there is no law that says NFL players can't show disrespect for the flag of the United States, there is no law that says NFL fans have to watch NFL games on TV.

There is no law that says NFL fans have to buy NFL merchandise. There is no law that says NFL fans have to spend their money in a sports bar on Sundays this fall if the bar carries NFL games. Some of us may opt to choose to try a new meal at Cracker Barrel or Red Lobster on a Sunday afternoon. Some of us may choose to go hiking in the mountains to enjoy the fall foliage on a Sunday afternoon in autumn. Some of us may buy a baseball ticket to enjoy the season before it's over. Some of us may get started on our hockey watching. Basically, anything but give back to the NFL players who are slapping us Americans in the face.

Can you find another way?

I have issues with President Trump. Let's be honest, the man has done some good things with the Supreme Court, DACA, and MOAB.

But Obamacare is still the law of the land, Trump's approval rating is that of a president who is set to lose a lot of seats in the 2018 midterms, and he hasn't been able to lead his own party in the Congress successfully. But I'm not going to show disrespect for the flag of the United States just because I have a beef with this president. If NFL players are having a conflict with President Trump, can't they find another way to protest? What would be wrong with just coming out on the field and putting your hand over your heart for the pledge of allegiance like men and just holding up a Hillary Clinton for President 2016 sign?

I'm going to miss football

I have loved the NFL since I was in high school.

I have planned my weekends in the fall around football games for many years. But I, like many Americans, feel that I am going to have to find something to do on Sundays for a while. It grieves me to do so because I love the game so much, but some things are more important than a game.