It is possible to write up a way for all 32 Teams in the NFL to win the Super Bowl, but it would be quite a shock if certain teams even came close to making the playoffs. There are eight teams that anyone could reasonably expect to see in the Super Bowl, and those eight teams are covered below. The Packers, Cowboys, Giants, Falcons, Seahawks, Patriots, Raiders, and Steelers make the list, and everyone else is on the outside looking in. How can these eight teams win the Super Bowl when everyone knows they are in contention?

You cannot fight talent

These are likely the eight most talented teams in the NFL, and they have massive amounts of talent that will allow them to outplay their weaker opponents. Someone who watches the NFL even on a casual basis knows that most of the best players in the league play for these teams. There are several future hall of famers sprinkled across these teams, and the players on these teams gives their squads the best chance to win in nearly every situation. You cannot argue against names like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Julio Jones.

Why these eight?

These eight teams are fairly common picks among pundits, and they are talked about more often than not because their talent is recognized by people around the league.

They also have recent success that they can lean on. The Falcons were just in the Super Bowl. The Steelers have won a couple titles in the last ten years, and the Patriots are a dynasty. Each of these teams has won a title recently, or they have come fairly close. That is enough to make us all believe that they could win this season.

Oakland's last stand

The team will move to Las Vegas soon, and they will have a chance to bring a title to Oakland before they head out of town. The city has gotten two titles from the Golden State Warriors in the last three years, and they could have something to be proud of before their Raiders run out of town. The Seahawks are just to the north, and they could squeeze out another title even though they seem to be on the outer edge of a Super Bowl berth.

The Steelers and Patriots

Some are expecting that the Steelers and Patriots will play in the AFC title game, and they are in good position to make a trip there again. The Steelers have a beautiful offense, and the Patriots will likely create a better offense out of the pieces that they have acquired. The Afc Title Game could feature anyone, and the NFC title game could feature two NFC East teams, a Falcons repeat, or maybe even the Packers.