The New England Patriots are one of the heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl this year, but the oddsmakers in Vegas would favor the 2007 Patriots over this team. It is fun to think about which team would be favored, and it is exciting to think about what it would have looked like to see these teams play each other. The 2007 Patriots were pieced together in much the same way this one was, and they are a model of consistency from then to now.

They use the process

They are using the process that we hear about all the time from Nick Saban. He comes from the Bill Belichick coaching tree, and that is where he learned to stick to the process that was begun long ago.

The Patriots have been run in the exact same manner the entire time Belichick has been the coach, and they are likely not going to change. They have been blessed with Tom Brady, and they have maintained the course no matter what happens.

They replace players easily

The Patriots are very good at replacing players when they have to let people go or lose them to injury. They have a way of finding someone who will help them manage their offense or defense, and they will move on to the next guy when they lose someone to retirement. They do not allow players to stay too long, and they will not overpay players who are due for big contracts. They have been steadfast in their belief that they must follow this process, and it helps them develop players who believe in the process.

The process helps them manage matchups

They have enough depth on their roster that will help them match up with teams in the most effective manner possible. They can change out personnel packages in the game because they have guys who will serve a certain purpose, and they are not upset that they are only in the game for a couple plays.

These guys will live up to their expectations because they have trained to do specific things, and they will do those things better than the opposing players. That is how the Patriots are able to stop teams from doing what they do best. They pull someone off the bench who has been taught to do the one thing that is needed at that moment.

Consistency wins titles

The consistency that is explained here is what makes them Patriots so special. They have been able to find someone to do what is needed in every circumstance, and they have created a team that simply recycles players who do certain jobs. Everyone knows what is expected of them, and there is never any confusion among the players as they hit the field. However, the 2007 Patriots would beat this team.