It looks like former Vice President Joe Biden is the latest target for Hillary Clinton’s rage in her upcoming book. What did creepy Uncle Joe do to offend Her Majesty? He said that the Democrats did not focus enough on the middle class during the last campaign. The assessment is accurate, particularly where Clinton is concerned, but the twice failed presidential candidate is having none of it.

How Clinton turned off middle class and working class voters

Hillary Clinton actually worked very hard to turn off middle class and working class voters. One can only point out the speech in which she promised to put coal miners out of business to demonstrate that she was spurning traditional Democrats with her foot while playing up to environmentally conscious hipsters.

In the meantime, the populist billionaire took a number of traditional rust belt states away from Clinton by addressing their insecurities and not exacerbating them. Clinton proved herself to be out of touch while a man who lived in a gilded New York City penthouse related to factory workers and coal miners.

The gift that Biden gave Clinton

Hillary Clinton also shows a distinct lack of gratitude toward Biden in one sense. A number of Democrats, sensing the debacle that Clinton represented, wanted the former vice president to run for president. To be sure, Biden’s role in the Obama presidency seemed to be to provide much-needed comedy relief in what was otherwise a depressing eight years. And he had been a two-time loser for president just as Clinton is.

However, Biden might have had a better chance against Trump than the actual nominee had.

Biden might well have run too, had it not been for the death of his son from cancer. No one wants to outlive their offspring. Biden’s grief was profound and genuine. Despite a reported deathbed plea from the son to his father to run, the then-vice president did not have the heart for it.

Instead, he has devoted himself to the more worthy cancer moon shot campaign in his declining years.

Hillary Clinton should count herself fortunate. Bernie Sanders, as she tells everyone who cares to listen, was an annoyance who kept one-upping her by promising everyone universal health care. Biden might have proven himself to be a threat for the nomination.

As weird and as creepy as he sometimes tended to be, Biden was a safer, more reassuring candidate than the ethically challenged Clinton could ever hope to be. One could see Democrats preferring him to her and Clinton retiring to her mansion in upstate New York to fume.