The final four of Americans at the US Open on the women's side of the draw has reminded us that there is hope for the sport yet. Tennis needs as many stars as possible, and it is often easier to create interest when there are many American players who are doing well. This new pack of players that is anchored by Venus Williams as the old guard will make tennis more interesting, and perhaps they are the names we will talk about a decade from now or more.

The Williams sisters have been here before

Venus and Serena have been around for a long time, and Venus was once the better and older sister.

She is simply older now, but she is still one of the best in her own right. We simply forget how good she is because Serena is right up there with Steffi Graf. Venus is leading this team of American Women into the final four, and they will give us quite a lot of pride when one of them wins the tournament. It would be great to see Venus win, but she is up there with three women who can make a name for themselves.

Sloane, Madison, and others

We have heard these names just a little bit over the past couple years, but they have not had any sustained greatness in the sport. They have been pushing on the WTA circuit hoping to make it this far, and now the sport must market these women as much as possible so that they are much more recognizable and popular.

These women should be able to capitalize on their popularity by using their image to make their own money. That would give them the fame and notoriety that will make them more than just tennis stars. That is the point at which they can bring in the casual fan who likes their personality.

They must use the momentum

Momentum in sports is a real thing, and it must be used to the advantage of every player who comes on the court.

These ladies should go to their next tournament with everyone talking about the showing they just had at the US Open. It does not matter who wins so long as they are all in the category of "that girl who was just in the final four at the US Open." Moral victories matter in sports and they also create momentum. That is why "Rocky" was such a good movie.

He did not go down, and we wanted to see the rematch. We could see many rematches of these ladies in the future if they continue to upset their European counterparts.

The final four of the US Open is only the beginning of what these women can do as they take the torch from Venus and Serena for many Grand Slam finals and semi-finals in the future.