The new home of the Atlanta Falcons is where the Crimson Tide and Seminoles will start their season. No matter who wins this game, everyone will walk away happy. These two teams have their tickets pre-sold for the College Football Playoff, and they must navigate the season with as few slip-ups as possible. No one who votes for college football polls would penalize these teams too much for losing this game, and it is important to remember that we should just enjoy this game because we are getting meaningful football in September.

Alabama will likely win

I think it is much more likely for Alabama to win this game, and that would not shock anyone. That actually benefits the Seminoles because no one would blame them for losing. We would all assume that they would run the table on their schedule, and they could easily go right back to the college football playoff. There are plenty of reasons why Alabama will win, and there are just as many why Florida State will win.

Florida State has a lot to prove

It has been a couple years since they won their national title with Jameis, went back to the title game, and were rulers of the world. We now are staring down a Florida State team that wants to remind us how good they are. This would be the perfect game for them to do just that.

They could tell us that they are not messing around, and they could show us that they are not willing to back down from what it is they are planning to do this season. How good would it look if the Florida State Seminoles stuffed Alabama more than once?

Get used to this stadium

You will see the kickoff game, SEC title game, Peach Bowl, College Football Playoff games, and national titles games hosted in this stadium.

It will be the place to go for big events, and there is a Super Bowl coming. You will see a Final Four in this stadium with the roof closed, and you should come to see it just once. I live in Atlanta, but I am not interested in watching some random Falcons game in it. I want to see something significant in that stadium. I will probably take my kids to experience the national title game, and you should come down if you can.

We need more of this

We need more football that looks like this because it makes the season much more fun to watch. I want to enjoy as much of this football as I can because we rarely get spectacles like this, and I think we need more teams so that we do not have boring weekends of football. Can we do this every weekend just for fun?