No one is perfect, and we’re all bound to make language mistakes at some point in time. That being said, US President Donald Trump is arguably the most powerful man in the world. He clearly says whatever he wants, whenever he wants and acts in accordance with his own wishes, not necessarily, the majority of Americans. All that aside, he is the Commander in Chief and his office ought to be respected.

English language errors

Being President is perhaps the hardest job in the world, and American voters and foreign observers would expect, at the very least, someone with the relevant qualifications, experience, and understanding.

But when it comes to the English language and basic grammar and spelling, does it matter whether President Trump seems to be lacking?

Anyone under stress cannot focus properly on the job at hand, so it would come as no surprise that he misses a letter or two on Twitter or wrongfully uses they’re instead of their, due to the tense nature of his job. But how should we feel when those errors occur too frequently for our liking?

It’s admirable that President Trump chooses to be hands on and to respond to events as they occur. Whereas one would have waited years ago for a response for hours or days, if at all, now we get almost instant reactions. In his haste, because he’s obviously a very busy man, he could easily forget the proper syntax and spelling.

However, the world, not just the American public is watching and waiting for the slightest slip, to criticize. A thick skin, he would be expected to have, and he gives it as good as he gets and then some. But, it seems that he can never admit to making a mistake, and past gaffes have been swiftly deleted from his account and replaced.

One case is when he tweeted about the ‘heeling’ in flooded Texas that was supposed to be "healing." His anti-media rant last week also mirrored his routine. The first run confused ‘to’ for ‘too’ and ‘there’ for "their."

Let communication experts use social media

People have undoubtedly been cruel to him for all sorts of reasons, but as you know, you can’t please everyone all of the time.

Nevertheless, one suggestion would be to allow his communication experts to deal wholly with social media releases. He could also have them just recheck what he’s about to tweet in order to avoid widespread condemnation and humiliation.

For many, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is the President’s ability to run the US efficiently and effectively. As long as he can do that, he could be wearing pajamas in the Oval Office for all they care. At the same time, however, he is the most popular leader in the world and a role model as well and should, therefore, be more considerate of what he presents to society and how he presents it. The world is watching, and it’s the small things that eventually add up to much bigger issues someday.