The Cowboys are shifting moving parts at the backend of their roster, and I think that they are doing this because they want to have as many chances as possible to improve their roster. They know that they cannot remain competitive if they do not have the most depth possible, and they want to keep people on the roster without paying them under their current deals. The Cowboys are getting pretty shrewd.

They have gotten better

The personnel department has improved a lot in Dallas since reports came out that Jerry Jones' son, Stephen, was holding his dad back and talking him into certain moves that would be better for the team.

We have heard that Stephen has told Jerry to draft the linemen they have, and it was also reported that he talked Jerry out of drafting Johnny Manziel. If that is the case, then Stephen Jones will be a fantastic owner when Jerry cedes control. I honestly believe that. I am very in favor of that move.

The team has more than enough talent

We can extol the virtues of the Cowboys all day long because they have one of the best offensive lines in football, one of the best offenses, and one of the best defenses. They have just about everything they need, and they will use all that talent to make their way back to the playoffs. I firmly believe that they will take a wild card spot if they do not win their division, but now we must wonder why the team cannot win in clutch moments.

Bad luck

The Cowboys have been to the Super Bowl eight times and won it five times in their history. They have had some of the best players in the history of the game, and they are a brand that is unlike any other. I have no problem thinking that they have just had Bad Luck. They had Good Luck back then, but they are having bad luck now.

It really is that simple. The team has been constructed badly in the past because Jerry did not know what he was doing, but it is constructed well today. I think that he could keep this up, and he could have a little good luck that would make the team a champion. I have no problem with the franchise. I only object to how Jerry treats players with problems.

He is a little too forgiving.

Is this their year?

No. There are too many teams ahead of them that could play much better, but they are going to be in the zone very soon. They have a young core, and they have. a good personnel department that can help build the roster. There are a lot of things that could go their way as a young team matures, and I hope that they can work it out.