Party girl Jessica Simpson was spotted supposedly drunk and in need of help outside Craig's of Hollywood. She appeared to be intoxicate or high on HSN recently too. Jessica's inebriation and appearance shocked folks. Yahoo! commenters noted the fashion mogul's weight gain and trainwreck behavior. Some foresee an Anna Nicole Smith type breakdown in her future. Simpson's failed weight loss and plastic surgery have folks asking what's up.

Jessica Simpson just wants to have fun

Drunken exploits are no big shock in Hollywood: it's the sober Celebrities who are the exception.

Paparazzi snapped a sloppy Simpson being aided to the car by her even sloppier birthday boy husband Eric Johnson. She might have been exaggerating her condition for laughs as the former reality TV star didn't looked that plastered. Jessica's Vampirella eye makeup was running and she was doddering on spiky heels. But people could relate. What they had trouble understanding is what the pop singer sees in her hubbie.

Jessica Simpson channels Anna Nicole Smith

There was concern that the birthday bender was becoming habitual. Is she following the path of Playboy bunny Anna Nicole Smith? Are drinking binges aging the 37-year-old beauty? Alcohol does have the effect of derailing diet and overindulgence is a direct path to obesity.

Judging by the MTV star's bulging belly fat and big legs, she's regained earlier weight loss. The mom of two has a much fuller face from her 2014 slimdown on Weight Watchers. That predicts either weight gain or overuse of Botox, fillers, and lip implants.

Plastic surgery rumors stalk Jessica Simpson

The curvaceous blonde is so well-stacked that she is rumored to have undergone a breast implant procedure.

But Simpson denied the boob job. Dad Joe Simpson actually exploited his daughter's figure for his own fame. After packing on 70 pounds in pregnancy, the "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica" star slimmed down. Of course, there were murmurs of tummy tuck or CoolSculpting but she said no.

Jessica Simpson going downhill

After breaking up with ex-husband Nick Lachey, the reality television star built up a fashion empire.

She dated Tony Romo but didn't marry again till Eric Johnson. Ironically they wed in 2014 after the Weight Watchers weight loss. Did the decline begin after their marriage? Simpson's certainly not the fresh-faced ingenue she began the business as. The overblown figure, over-bleached hair, and cosmetic surgery are resembling Pamela Anderson.

Where's clean-cut Jessica?

When Jessica Simpson started showbiz, it was as a sweet and innocent Christian music singer. As a pop celebrity, she played up the anti-sex angle. Next to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, she was the clean-cut girl next door. So her downfall is even more marked than other pop stars. Is it just age or is the high life finally catching up?