The universe 4 warriors are down to four members, but there’s one thing that disturbs Beerus. Ten fighters are needed in the Tournament of Power, but we have only seen eight from Universe 4. Even the Gods of Destruction and their angels are not able to detect the presence of the two hidden warriors. What’s more alarming is the secret warriors’ potent threat for Goku and his team. This is the tournament of Power, and the only options the universes have is erasure or survival.

These hidden warriors are likely to strike when a pivotal moment appears.

Or they can also stay hidden until the tournament was over to ensure the victory of Universe 4. I thought about the moments that these hidden warriors would reveal themselves and I came up with three pivotal moments in the tournament.

Who are the hidden fighters?

The hidden warriors are twins named Damom and Gamisarasu. The green one is Damom, and the purple one is Gamisarasu. It is proposed that the twins can modify their sizes from gigantic beings to small bugs. At this time, the two warriors could be as small as bugs or even at the cellular level that even Gods cannot detect their presence.

First moment: Goku VS Jiren’s end of the battle

This battle is not the only the most awaited battle of the Tournament of Power.

This battle will also determine who will have a bigger chance of winning the tournament. Whether Jiren or Goku wins this match, Universe 4’s hidden warriors will have a chance to eliminate the winner by fighting catching them off-guard.

Goku and Jiren’s battle is expected to be an all-out war, and the winner will lose a lot of stamina.

While everyone is hooked into the battle, the two warriors might make their secret move right after one Goku, or Jiren falls.

Second moment: When Universe 4 warriors are eliminated

Since no one from the participants are aware that there are hidden warriors, they would demand why Universe 4 is still not eliminated. The warriors would be restless because they cannot find the hidden warriors.

This is when the Grand Priest or Quitela will reveal the existence of the twins. This will not be a problem as they can hide again anytime.

Third moment: End of Tournament of Power

When only one person was left standing in the Tournament of Power, the twins will win their tournament via advantage in number. This strategy might explain why Quitela was not worried even though there are only four members left in Universe 4.