Ms. Laura Perez of "My 600-lb Life" posted updates on Facebook recently and you will not recognize her after an over 400-lb weight loss and plastic surgery. For the season 3 star, it's a story of gain and loss, but instead of weight gain, Laura shed obesity and gained a fresh start with the new name of Angelika. You'll cheer when you see how the reality television celeb's story ends.

Laura Perez gets new lease on life

Actually, for Laura, now Angelika Pacheco, the story hasn't ended, but just begun, and she didn't get a second chance -- the 43-year-old earned it.

The "My 600-lb Life" celebrity was wheelchair-bound and totally dependent on her husband Joey, and where her spouse succeeded as an enabler, he failed as a caregiver. Joey also failed to be supportive when Laura decided to get healthy. She pursued bariatric surgery on the TLC Reality TV show, curb-stomped obesity, and gained independence -- but lost Joey.

TLC patients lose loved ones in weight loss

One of the occupational hazards of weight loss surgery specialists is that you are also a sort of home-wrecker. But it wasn't all bad and probably really good in Laura's story. In order to heal morbid obesity, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan always looks for the person feeding it, and the "My 600-lb Life" gastric bypass surgery doctor always finds that behind the overweight person is someone gaining from the food addiction.

The reality TV show demonstrates those dysfunctional and tenuous relationships.

Why caregivers feed obesity

Literally, too-giving people are killing loved ones by overfeeding. They can't be called caregivers, as Dr. Now points out, because if they cared they'd stop. Family has to treat diabetes complications, cellulitis, lymphedema, and other obesity complications, but James K.

made his daughter quit school to care for, feed, and clean up after him. Steven Assanti's dad was a pushover who let his son bully him. Laura's Joey got positive ego strokes from being needed, as did Amber Rachdi's boyfriend.

Will the real Laura Perez please stand up?

The reality show doctor actually accused Sean Milliken's mom of Munchausen by proxy and manslaughter with food, but Laura wasn't about to let Joe kill her with kindness.

When he couldn't let go, she moved on. Now, Angelika Pacheco got her dearest wish. People think she's beautiful just for being her. Sure, she had plastic surgery and skin removal to help the process. She's so petite that some folks think she has an eating disorder like anorexia. So, that's not healthy, but don't judge. After being 450 pounds overweight, it probably feels good to hear that she's too thin.