ABC star Sarah Hyland showed off impressive abs and assets on Emmy Awards 2017 red carpet. And her figure provoked as many rumors as it quashed. Her larger decolletage suggested a breast implant and her face showed signs of nose job or other facial plastic surgery. But her curvier figure also quelled accusations that the "Modern Family" celebrity had anorexia or some type of eating disorder. What looked like peekaboo Spanx suggested she may actually have some belly fat. Best of all, weight gain argues that earlier dangerous weight loss from kidney problems may be reversing.

Sarah Hyland reacts to anorexia rumors

Never very big, the "Modern Family" star has been freaking folks out with her increasingly smaller frame. Last year, she took to Twitter to deny accusations of an eating disorder. Celebrities who are very slender are often persecuted over "anorexia"--as if weight loss is somehow their fault and something to be ashamed of. Her revelations of ongoing health issues after a kidney transplant in 2012 put body-shaming trolls to shame.

Sarah Hyland shows a tummy

Slender people deal with body image issues just like those with obesity. Unlike slim reality TV star Barbara Corcoran of "Shark Tank" and DWTS, Sarah Hyland has said she would love to gain weight. Petite musician Rihanna was actually happy over weight gain not too long ago.

She loved have a "booty." The actress who plays Haley Dunphy on "Modern Family" showed off her tummy and 6-pack on the Emmys red carpet. Lack of muscle tone is something Sarah struggled with, just as, on the opposite end, overweight people deal with cellulite or belly fat.

'Modern Family' celeb shows off plastic surgery?

Along with a slender frame comes little cleavage, usually.

"Modern Family" co-star Sofia Vergara is the exception. For a long time, folks have questioned whether Sarah Hyland had undergone a breast implant procedure. Her red carpet dress showed either a boob job or a heavily padded push-up bra. Hyland's appeared to have had a nose job too. She's not the youngest on the popular ABC show to have plastic surgery.

Ariel Winter rivals Sarah Hyland in body-sharing

If folks criticized Sarah Hyland's body-baring dress, they've not seen Ariel Winter. The younger "Modern Family" celebrity underwent controversial breast reduction surgery as a teen. Recently, Winter claimed that men have been objectifying her since the age of 7 because of large breasts. But Ariel makes a point of showing off her bod and having Kim Kardashian amounts of Botox, implants and silicone injections. Folks aren't as quick to show sympathy when she cries pedophilia now.